Frida Sante: Fucks On The First Date


Frida Sante, Yankee


Exotic babe Frida Sante is a one-of-a-kind babe. This Indian beauty doesn't care about a man's appearance or whatnots. The only thing that matters for her is a man's ability to satisfy her carnal needs. As long as he still has a dick, Frida will fuck him in delight. This petite slut still has some standards, but all of that is thrown out of the window once she gets wet between her thighs. Nothing can stop this horny slut from getting the cock she wants. She is not even afraid to go to a stranger's house just to have her pussy wrecked. Frida goes to meet the fit nerd she met at a dating app. It doesn't take too long before Frida is on her knees blowing a hard cock. Aside from having a dick inside her tight pussy, this petite Indian nympho also enjoys giving a blowjob. Her mouth and lips are made especially for giving heads. After the intense blowjob, her blind date turns her over and fucks her in the doggy style position. He has no hesitation at all in giving his best for the horny slut. He pounds his cock into her tight wet hole like there's no tomorrow. Frida can't last long without having control, so she gets on top of her date and rides him in the cowgirl position. He plays with her perky tits as she slides up and down on his hard shaft. The couple fucks in the doggy style position and reverse cowgirl positions before going back to the cowgirl position. The horny Indian slut continues to slide his cock into her tight pussy while rubbing her clit. She can't help but cream all over the hard cock as she cums over and over again. Frida keeps on grinding on his cock until he feels like he is about to cum. Her date pulls out a bit too late and gives her a nice creampie finish.


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