Marylin Crystal: Fucks On The First Date


Marilyn Crystal, Yankee


Blonde slut Marylin Crystal is always hungry for cock. She joins an online dating site just to meet potential fuck buddies. Marilyn is not interested in finding her Mr. Right. She only wants a huge dick to satisfy her erotic cravings. The busty slut doesn't need to do a lot of things to catch the attention of men on the site. Her enticing blues eyes and teasing smile are enough to make all men want to have a good look at her. Nelly randomly chooses a guy from her 'waiting' list and decides to pay him a visit for a quick fuck. Marilyn is wearing a black off-shoulder dress when she meets her fuckmate. She's not disappointed with what she sees when she enters the room. Her date has the stuff she wants. Wasting no time at all, Marilyn immediately lunges herself onto his crotch. She gives her date a blowjob he'll surely never forget. After slobbering the cock with her spit, Marilyn rides his cock in the cowgirl position. Her gigantic tits bounce wildly as she slides up and down the rock-hard cock. Nelly turns around and continues to grind her thicc ass in the reverse cowgirl position. Nelly can't help but moan loudly as she cums over and over again. The extreme pleasure and intense riding tires Nelly. As such, the couple shifts to the doggy style position. Nelly looks back at her date with teasing eyes. Her match wants to give the most intense pleasure possible. He turns her over and fucks her in the missionary position. Her date keeps on thrusting his shaft into her pussy as he admires the black nylon stockings on her legs. It doesn't take too long before the man feels like he is about to reach his limit. He pulls out his cock from her tight pussy and shoots out his load all over Nelly's beautiful face, giving her a messy facial.


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